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『ACOUSTIC SESSIONS ~Players and Luthiers~』

Ryo Ogihara × Yoshifumi Matsubara


1.『They can’t take that away from me』 by George Gershwin

2.『Speak low』by Kurt Weill

3.『All the things you are』by Jerome Kern 

4.『Our love here to stay』by George Gershwin

5.『How long has this been going on』 by George Gershwin

6.『Sandu』 by Clifford Brown

7.『Beautiful love』by Wayne King, Edbert Van Alstyne & Victor Young

8.『Someday my prince will come』 by Frank Churchill

9. 『Chi Chi』 by Charlie Parker


Ryo Ogihara on Fujii Guitars

Yoshifumi Matsubara on Ryosuke Kobayashi Guitars



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